America, President Donald J. Trump , This is regarding the U. S.Constitution, The Department of Veterans Affairs, Chicago Regional Office and the Board of Veterans Appeals. The Fifth Amendments, Right to Due Process, The VA Chicago Region and Others "Stole" my Constitutional Rights and Thousands of Disabled Veterans. Many don't know it. Fourteen years and Eleven Unjustified VA decisions. Unjustified because the VA Never used Due Process; Seventeen years I have Never had a hearing or said a word

On January 19, 2017 America swore in the 45th President Donald J. Trump, Commander in Chief.

America, all the proof can be found on To Whom This May Concern. This page will give you the base for all my actions. The VA Chicago Region "stole" the Right to "Due Process" The first VA Unjustified decision dated April 14, 2005, unjustified because they fail to use Due Process that's required by U.S. Constitution and the last VA Unjustified decision dated Dec 5, 2014. America, President Trump these are Professional Crooks everyone has a degree in something and they all "Broke" the Law. It was all about "bonus money",

You are about to read how VA Chicago Region used Lies, Tricks and Forgery in VA decisions and letters to President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, U.S. Senators Richard Durbin, Mark Kirk and Vietnam POW Veteran U.S. Senator John McCain. America any Citizen using the International decrees call mayday mayday for help should have a very good reason to do so. America I believe the Constitution gives the Citizen the right to use any means necessary to get help after the Citizen has used every step in the Chain of Command. Eight letters to the VA Secretary’s and Fourteen letters to the White House and I got (NO) help. America I am Justified. And it looks like no one cares. Read Lies & Tricks where you will find four VA decisions dated Nov 27, 2014, Feb 24, 2014, July 29/31, 2014 and Dec. 5, 2014.

The VA Chicago Region used the same Lie in every decision "we will address the issues raised" and they never said one word regarding the issues. The Nov. 27, 2013 decision to U.S. Senator Mark Kirk this pretty two page letter doesn't say anything, in the first paragraph line five “we will address the issues raised” two pages not one word regarding the issues, the Trick was to cover-up the real reason in my letter of Complaint. The United States Senator, Mark Kirk, in my letter to him dated Oct. 14, 2013 I state “the Veterans and myself need your help at VA Chicago Region I said your Leadership is required The U.S. Senator passed me off to a Congressional and Legislative Affairs Liaison Service to do his Job”. Senator Kirk and the Liaison Service fell for the Lie and Trick. In my reply letter dated Dec 5, 2013 I used an orange marker to highlight the letter step by step and he never gave a reply, either The United States Senator can't read, or he doesn't care.

Senator ex Kirk, please tell America what the VA decision said, Senator Kirk you maybe a lot of things, But you are "not" a Leader. America I believe U.S. Senator Kirk also "Broke" the Law, Read Due Process It says: If you believe that the government has not followed proper procedures, you can file a complaint directly with the government agency, it states; the reply does not have to be to the Citizen liking, but a reply is required. America did the Law maker "Break” the Law? The same bill "Due Process" this is what it says: In addition to notice and an opportunity to be heard, Due Process may include a hearing before an impartial person, representation by an attorney , calling witnesses on one's behalf, cross-examination of witnesses, a written decision with reasons based on evidence introduced, a transcript of the proceeding.

For Fourteen years the VA Chicago Region had the "deck stacked" without "Due Process of the Law I had "Zero (0)" chance of winning a hearing or decision.” In addition to notice and an opportunity to be "heard", Fourteen years these Crooks never let me say a word. President Trump and VA Secretary's it's time for you to say get me the Veterans case file and do what is required by the U.S. Constitution make a Constitutional Ruling and give me my VA Benefits from the day I file. America the Feb 24, 2014 decision to First Lady Michelle Obama and the July 29/31, 2014 decision to U.S. Senator Durbin are the same both the VA Chicago Region used the same Lie, Trick and cover-up "we will address the issues raised" and never say a word regarding the issues. America both decision are "Forgery" "read Forgery at the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014 President Obama removed ex VA Director Duane Honeycutt and he didn't sign off them "proof" on July 3, 2014 an interim letter to U.S. Senator Durbin Acting VA Dir. Suzanne Galley sign off on it, But the July 29/31, 2014 She used ex VA Director Honeycutt signature. That's "Forgery" if the ex-VA Director was not there how did he sign off on it. Acting VA Director Suzanne Galley tell the American Tax Payers what you told U.S. Senator John McCain in the Dec. 5, 2014 VA decision "we can read" You used the same Lie "we will address the issues raised" Show President Obama were you address one word, and you used the same signature that you used on July 3, 14 and she was at VA Chicago Region on 07/ 29/2014

President Obama you have removed ex VA Director Honeycutt, But the Crooks are still there. America the Board of Veterans Appeals “Unjustified and Unconstitutional" VA Secretary McDonald has only been at the VA for a few months, and he may be the only person in upper VA management that’s “Justified." Justified because he hasn't taken what the government calls "bonus money". America I don't know what this money is, but it's not a bonus "proof," I researched and Google the word "bonus" one word, "performance" performance above the normal line of duty that's what bonus is paid for. In the United States of America not one person at any VA performs above what they should, many perform below what they should and they get a bonus. America the "Motive" is a Hundred and Fifty Million a year in unaccountable money.

On 8/27/2013 CBS World News the reporter said for the year 2012 the VA passed out $ 97 million in bonus money, that same year 2012 the VA had a one million case back log. American Tax Payers we must send a strong message to Washington, D.C. If they want to pay a bonus for doing nothing you better take it out of their own pocket. The U.S. Constitution says that money is Unjustified, “proof" America a few months ago a Lady in upper VA management from the State of Arizona she gave back a $10.000 bonus. Only one reason she knew she didn’t earn it and she is justified. ex VA Secretary McDonald I believe said you have about one thousand pink slips, Sir try Ten Thousands maybe more. Read BVA Unconstitutional Laura H. Eskenazi the Executive in Charge, Vice Chairman you made a Very Serious mistake and "blocked" my letter of complaint to the VA Secretary dated Sept. 2, 2014 like you did the Seven before it, But this time you gave me a reply to his letter of complaint, dated Sept. 23, 2014 Eight lines is all you needed it states: I have been advised that your records are locate at VA Chicago Region , "I have forwarded your correspondence, statements and evidence to that Office for review and direct reply to you". The Executive in Charge down played the Seriousness of the Situation my letter of complaint is now called correspondence. America she sent my letter of complaint with compelling evidence back to the Crooks that Robbed me for Twelve years only at VA Chicago Region Crooks get to be their own Judge and Jury. Ms. Eskenazi when the Tax payers read this letter you will be fired. 12/5/2014 VA decision is on her Hands.

Veterans today there is nowhere to turn, but I promise you that will change. Read Lies & Tricks U. S. Senator Richard Durbin the letter dated Jan 26, 2011 from the VA Chicago Region says you have known about these crimes for seven years and didn't raise a finger. For seven years your Aides played tricks and games with me passing file from one to another, But the July 29/31 2014 Unjustified VA decision you sent me copy, I set down and said Lord how can I get Senator Durbin to read what the letter said I got an orange marker highlighted " we will address the issues raised" I showed him step by step how the VA used a lie, cover-up, forgery and fail to use "Due Process" in a government decision. The U.S. Senator got mad and "Fired" me; Read Letters from Senator Durbin in his letter to me dated Aug. 20, 2014 it states: After a thorough review of the respond from the Veterans Affairs, it appears their action is definitive. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. Now he knows Crooks are running VA Chicago Region, It states: "We regret we cannot assist you in this matter;" however, please go back to the VA.

In my reply letter to Senator, I said Senator Durbin you can't "Fire" me it's my Tax Dollar that pay you. I said Senator Durbin you can't quit, If you can't help me, that's OK it's your Job to find me someone that can. America I have two full pages left in one week I will post them, Three Veterans Service Center Managers Three VA examiner, Two U.S. Congressman and Chicago Mayor Emanuel they all "broke" the Law. Look for full details. Plus (Comp & Pen). America, President Obama and VA secretary McDonald VA Collections and VA Debt Management both is "Broken" Read (VA Collection &VA Debt Management) both are Unjustified and Unconstitutional I will show you step by step how they broke the Law. Every person in Upper Management must be "Fired", They are Very big on using the word ( VA Law) America there is only one Law the U.S. Constitution are the Law of the Land. The Department of Veterans Affairs in their decisions they use Sections, Code and funny looking Symbols, America I believe every VA decision using this is Unjustified, I believe the U. S. Constitution requires a government agency to give a Citizen a decision in a Language that he can read and understand. I believe VA Secretary McDonald said regarding his thousand pink slips you said everyone must get "Due Process of the Law", and I believe you are right. But I also believe a Constitutional Violation the VA Secretary should be able to "Fire" on the Spot and then "Due Process", coming Read (White House) Fifteen letters and No reply. 

 America the Situation has become more Serious, On Monday January 19, 2015 , 5:52 pm I got a phone call my smart phone caller ID said "Restricted" I didn't answer it, At 5:55 they called right back it said "Restricted" I picked up the phone and said you got Ten seconds to tell me what's on your mind. The man said Mr. Howard this is the VA Crises Center are you all right I said what difference does it make, He said someone called and said you had a Gun and you were going to kill your self I said for what he said about your VA Benefits, At that time someone beaten on my door in a hi voice , I said who is it he Chicago Police Department when I open the door Three officers with "Guns" in their hands saying where is the "Gun" I said I don't own a gun at the time six more Police officers and a Sergeant enter. search me and my apartment I gave the officer my wallet and said please run a make and he did. America I am 68 years old never been in Jail a day in my life.

America if their is anyone needs to know, I have the Holy Bible, The U.S. Constitution and the Internet that's all I need America it's call a '' SET- UP". One wrong move and it would be "over". Professional Crooks: U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressman, VA Directors, VA Vice Chairman, VA examiner , The mayor of Chicago and many more, America I have proof they all "Broke" the Law. "read" (Crook).* NBC Meet the Press Chuck Todd I trust you and I believe the Veterans can trust you. Should something happen to me the government can and will say the Veteran was "crazy" don't fall for it. You must see my case file everything can and will be manufacture to look like the government gave me "Due Process" of the Law. Only thing can't be manufacture " a transcript of the proceeding" I have several pictures on facebook. America this not only about VA Chicago

Region I believe every VA Region and I am 100% sure the Board of Veterans Appeals is Unjustified. America I am going to write one page called (Government) place in Due Process).

On May 13, 2015 It came to the point where I had know choice, But to file a Law Suit against the Department of Veterans Affairs Today Saturday Jan. 2, 2016 America step by step I am going to show you the real Department of Justice my Constitutional Complaint with Compelling Evidence of Constitutional Crimes, read letter from the Dept. of Justice dated Aug.25, 2015 a

Citizens Constitutional Complaint the Dept. of Justice down played the Seriousness of the Situation my Constitutional Complaint are now called correspondence and assigned me to the "mail referral unit". America the United States Constitution requires a different Procedural. America click (Lies &Tricks) the Dept. of Justice has Four VA decision dated 11/27/2013 to

U .S. Senator Mark Kirk, 02/24/2014 First Lady Michelle Obama, U.S. Senator Richard Durbin and U.S. Senator John McCain On VA document the VA used a Lies, Tricks, Forgery and Cover up. America I believe that's probable cause to see the VA Case Filed. Both Chicago and Washington Dept. of Justice have known for five years and never raised a finger. Two kinds of

Justice one for the rich and well connected and None for the poor and under privilege. The Department of Justice a U.S. Government Agency are not above the Law, U. S. Constitution is the Law. America I believe the U.S. District Courts and it's Circuits Courts come under the Department of Justice.

Conspiracy; (a) a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal. Three Federal Judges Judge John L. Tharp Jr., Judge Virginia Kendall and Judge Melvin Aspen. On 05/13/2015 I Filed a Lawsuit in U.S. District Court Northern Illinois Against the Department of Veterans Affairs. On July 8, 2015 I filed Two more Lawsuits one against

Howard vs U.S. Senator Durbin and Howard vs U.S. Senator Mark Kirk. They had nothing to do with money this is why it was two more ways to get a Federal Judge to review the VA Case File, and it didn't happen three Federal Judges gave me three decisions and they never saw the VA Case File they don't know if my case is Justified or Unjustified, Eleven Unjustified VA decisions + Three more Unjustified decision ( a secret plan made by two or more people) Set up by Judge John L. Tharp Jr. Three Lawsuits, The first decision dated July 21, 2015 Howard vs Kirk Judge John Tharp, Jr. America the charges and Complaint against Durbin and Kirk are the same, I said they Violated the "Oath of Office" they said " I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Yet when I gave them a Constitutional

Complaint with Violations of the U.S. Constitution they turn there backs and ran. Judge Tharp Jr. twisted my Complaint and made it look like I was asking Senator Kirk to do something for me, page one Judge Tharp, Jr. he used a Unjustified VA letter dated November 27, 2013 to make his decision. page two first paragraph Judge Tharp Jr. makes it clear a United States Senator doesn't have to do anything for constituent but pick up his pay check. America page two at the bottom of the page this is where Judge Tharp Jr. set me up. Judge Tharp wrote and made comments on two cases not yet heard in the Court.

He state: Howard currently has two other cases pending in the Northern District, one against Sen. Durbin and the other against the Department of Veterans Affairs. I knew that and He knew, who was Judge Tharp telling this to, Two Cases not yet heard by the Court. Judge Tharp Jr. laid the Foundation for Judge Kendall and Judge Aspen for them to follow suite and they did that. After reading Judge Tharp decision over and over I knew it was improper Court Procedural for a Officer of the Court to make Comments on cases not yet heard by the Court.

The next District Court decision dated 08/12/2015 Howard vs Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Judge Virginia Kendall please read her decision America I believe Judge Virginia Kendall is a Very Dangerous person. This is what she did a Constitutional Complaint I said; The VA Violated my Constitutional Rights, Fifth Amendments Right to Due Process. America she twisted my Complaint and made it look like I was asking the Court to look in to VA decisions, click (Conspiracy at Dept. of Justice) read Judge Kendall decision dated 08/12/2015 page two last paragraph it states; Howard seek review of decisions of the VA and Board of Veterans Appeal. In my Constitutional Complaint I never said one word about looking in a VA decision, Because in my world the United States Constitution are bigger than a VA decision. America the United States Courts are playing games with a disabled Veterans Constitutional Rights, Federal Judge Virginia Kendall, The United States Constitution in my Case I believe it required the Courts to review the VA Case Filed for Violations of the United States Constitution only. I believe a Constitutional Ruling is required. To make me Quit or Give up Judge Kendall set me up and sent me on a wild goose chase, This is what she did page two; to appeal her decision she states; Appeals and then exclusively in the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. 

Veterans may appeal decisions of that Court to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and then to the Supreme Court. America because I did not meet the requirements for the Appeals for Veterans Claims, The next step was U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. That's not True, Judge Kendall Lied "proof click (conspiracy at Dept. of Justice) read the letter from the Federal Circuit dated 10/01/2015 , they got my appeal on Sept. 25, 2015 and read it with Judge Kendall decision they called this a mistake and sent it back to the Northern District Court this why; Pursuant to Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 4 (d) I am transmitting to your Court an Original Notice of Appeal which was mistakenly mailed to the Federal Circuit. America Pursuant to Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 4 (d)) means this case should have been heard in U.S. District Court. This was not a mistake I did it because Judge Kendall used a trick Her decision dated 8/12/2015 doesn't have anything to do with was not a mistake I did it because Judge Kendall used a trick Her decision dated 8/12/2015 doesn't have anything to do with my Constitutional Complaint, Nothing not one line. America the final part of the Conspiracy are Howard vs U.S. Sen. Durbin Judge Melvin Aspen his decision dated 08/31/2015 makes me 150% sure of a Conspiracy, Because his decision are base on the July 21, 2015 decision of Judge John Tharp Jr. America that's a Conspiracy, The U.S . Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit they know all about three Crooks and called it a mistake and sent my appeal back to U.S. District Court for the Northern District, U.S. District Court got my Appeal back and didn't know what to do with it and sent it up to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

It was the Clerk of Court Thomas G. Burton Job to make sure a Constitutional Complaint was handle with proper Court Procedure, America The Clerk of the Court Mr. Thomas G. Burton taken the Oath of Office. He said I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Mr. Burton please tell the American People what you did to support and defend my Constitutional Complaint, I will Mr. Burton never raised a finger, Because it was a black poor disabled Veteran it doesn't matter. America Jesus Christ said Matthew 7:15-16, Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing , but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 "you will know them by their fruits.

United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

No. 15- 3301                                                                                                                                                                             Case Open date October 16, 2015

America this case was under Appeal, Not yet heard by the Court. Because the Clerk of the Court Mr. Gino J. Agnello doesn't know what to do with a Citizen Constitutional Complaint with Compelling Evidence of Constitution Crimes, I believe the Clerk of Court Mr. Agnello are not going to do anything . His job is to get the Constitutional Complaint to a Federal Judge Only a Federal Judge can give me a Constitutional Ruling and Judgment. It may take and it's Eight Million members to get the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit to do it's Job.. Sunday January 24, 2016, I now have the decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, January 19, 2016, IT IS ORDER that the motion to proceed in forma pauperis on appeal is DENIED. Appellant Tommy Howard shall pay the required docketing fee within 14 days or elsethis appeal will be dismissed for failure to prosecute pursuant to Circuit Rule 3 (b). NO MONEY! NO JUSTICE!

America, Seventh Circuit decision is Unconstitutional, Because my Constitutional Complaint doesn't have anything to do with a Circuit Rule 3 (b) docketing fee. I believe a Citizen Constitutional Complaint with Compelling Evidence of Constitutional Crimes Docketing fee are not required. I was set up from day one Oct. 16, 2015, This is a Conspiracy, Seventh Circuit never raised a finger they did nothing. I believe the U.S. Court was required by the U.S. Constitution to follow Proper U.S. Court Procedural based on the Complaint and Evidence. America this I am 100% sure the Seventh Circuit didn't raise a finger, They did nothing. Circuit Judge Frank H. Easterbrook, Circuit Judge David F. Hamilton and Clerk of the Court Gino Agnello conspired secretly together do something that is harmful or illegal step by step I'll show you. Day one October 16, 2015 date of the Case Open, click (Conspiracy at Dept. of Justice) go down a letter dated 10/01/2015 from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit "Transmitted" my appeal back to District Court, District Court got my appeal back from the Federal Circuit and didn't know what to do with it, They sent it up to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. The letter dated 10/16/2015 from the Seventh Circuit was a set up It ask for a docketing statement due date 10/02/2015, Fourteen days before the case opening dated 10/16/2015 , Because this case was Transmitted, Circuit Rule 3 (a) applied Circuit Rule 3(a) states; " Forwarding copy of notice of Appeals" when the Clerk of the District Court transmits to the clerk of this court a copy of the notice of appeal, the District court clerk shall include any docketing statement.

Seventh Circuit letter dated 11/13/2015 states; IT IS ORDERED that this cause is DISMISSED for failure to comply with Circuit Rule 3(c). It did not apply to my case because it was "transmitted".

On 11/24/2015 I Filed a motion to recall Mandate. America It was at Thanksgiving after praying and praying a little voice is side of me said Tommy the Seventh Circuit are not going to do anything that's when I knew, But on December 1, 2015 I got a reply to my motion to recall Mandate, the motion to recall was GRANTED. My case is back on the table I knew the Seventh Circuit would try something else and they did, There letter dated 12/09/2015 Circuit Rule 3(b) Fee Notice, docketing fee $505.00 America this came after I gave the Court a Affidavit Financial statement showing $ 400.00 negative with Four payday loans monthly, for poof I gave the Court my TCF and Chase bank statements hi lited. America Judge Virginia Kendall, Judge John Tharp, JR. and Judge Melvin Aspen all agreed that and Granted permission to proceed in Forma Paupers, I believe when the Seventh Circuit saw that I have no ability to pay that would stop me or give up. Fact I can not pay the Court fee of $ 505.00, And I will never Quit or give up not as long as the Department of Veterans Affairs are Robbing Disabled Veterans of there Constitutional Rights. In my letters I have said this is my Fathers works, And it shall be done, Lord Jesus said Matthew 7:16 "you know them by there Fruits".

Circuit Judge Frank H. Easterbrook, Circuit Judge David F. Hamilton and Clerk, Gino Agnello you will be known by your works. America they all taken the "Oath of Office" and said: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States. America click(Conspiracy at Dept. of Justice) and read the Five pages dated 05/13/2015 Constitutional Complaint. America Judges Easterbrook, Hamilton and Clerk Agnello Lied! Lied!! The question is what did they do with my Constitutional Complaint with Compelling Evidence of Constitutional Crimes, Seventh Circuit didn't raise a finger. Doing nothing Broke the Law, It will be by there works . Four months the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit never intended to bring Justice to the Constitutional Complaint, America the U.S. Constitution required the U.S. Courts with Evidence to review the VA Case Filed, Then I believe the U.S. Constitution required a Constitutional Ruling and a Judgment. America, Circuit Judges Frank H. Easterbrook, David F Hamilton and Clerk Gino Agnello are Very Dangerous People.

Many times I said no one in America Job is safe, not until the Veterans and myself get what the Constitution guarantees all of us. There will be many Fired and some will go to Jail, I believe

these Crime will be horrific. America 68 years all my life I have believed and respected the

Jurisdiction system, Every one know and put there Jobs on the line to protect and Cover up for

the VA. U.S. Constitution Fifth Amendments, Right to Due Process it state; If you believe that the

government has not followed proper procedures, the best thing to do is to consult an attorney

with the advice and assistance, You can file a complaint directly with the government agency.

You may also be able to go to Court and seek an order that the government follow Due Process in dealing with you. America that mean every person that worked at a government agency and had

my Constitutional Complaint and did nothing broke the law.

I will never give up or Quit but I need help, Any kind of help this is why; I have used the

chain of Command over and over, written over 400 letters, built a website, Filed Four Lawsuit.

I need Legal help now. Underestimating the power of God, America this is bigger than I am, I

don't know anything regarding this Legal stuff. But my Father who are in Heaven built the

whole world in six days, This is God's working and it shall be done. Mathew 7:15- 16 Lord Jesus

said; Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing , but inwardly they are

ravening wolves. (a disciple said how will we know teacher) 16. You will know them by their fruits.

America you will know them by their works, Their are many ravenous wolves wearing sheep's

clothing at the Department of Justice and the White House. Sixteen Letters and no reply , the

White House has known for Five years and didn't raise a finger.

This Spring 2016 I will march on the Department of Justice and protest their Unjustified ways to DISMISS a Constitutional Complaint, Base on Circuit Rule 3(b) . I am a U.S. Citizen, a Vietnam disable Veteran. Both the U.S. District Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit America they know I have no ability to pay the $505.00 Fee, the only way I could

get the money would be to Rob a bank, It will never happen. NO MONEY ! NO JUSTICE

February 12, 2016             U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Notice of Issuance of Mandate 

It states: Herewith is the mandate of this appeal, along with the bill of costs, If any. A certified copy of the opinion/order of the court and judgment, if any. And any direction as to costs shall constitute the mandate. America it looks like the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

may bill me for doing nothing.

America the sixteen letters to the White House most likely the President and First Lady never seen

any of my letters, Someone in the White House playing God with Disabled Veterans Constitutional

Rights, Blocked all of my letters click (Letters to the President) Every word is the Truth, proof on

VA documents. America the motive is what the Government call bonus money, On 11/11/2015

A BC World News David Muirl said the VA passed out $ 142 million dollars in bonus money for

2014. America that money doesn't have anything to do with a bonus, A bonus is paid for performance above the normal line of duty. Not one person at any VA perform above what they

should many below what they should. I believe most American doesn't mine giving a reasonable

bonus to low level VA employees, But VA executives are walking away with $ 10,000 and up in

Unjustified bonus money, The U.S. Constitution says that money is Unjustified because they

didn't earn it. In a News letter dated July 16, 2014 from President Obama it states; "We've

cancelled bonuses for senior executives" that same year 2014 every time you turn the TV on the

VA was in the News VA Hospitals all over America Pittsburg and Phoenix Veterans dyeing waiting

for simple medical needs. In 2014 Phoenix Az. a Lady in upper VA management gave back a

$ 10,000 bonus. Why did she give back $10,000, because she knew she didn't earn it, And she is


On March 4, 2016 I wrote a letter number Seventeen to President Barack H. Obama in the letter

I warren Him of what was coming a Federal Lawsuit. There are some in the White House just

don't get it , It will be by there hands that throw him under the bus. In the letter I said will

President Obama be first read this letter or the last, NO reply. The United States Constitution

doesn't mean anything to some of People in the White House if they did President Obama would

have read all my letters and stop the Constitutional Crimes. America when the ball drop, they are

going to Lie. I can prove beyond a shadow of doubt the White House got all of by letters, click

read (Lies & Tricks. VA letter April 11, 2011 to President Obama, it also says the White House has

known about Constitutional Crimes since December 2, 2010. VA decision dated Feb. 24, 2014

to First Lady Michelle Obama and a Newsletter dated July 16, 2014. America I don't want to hear

not one word about I didn't no.

May 6, 2016 for the last three months I have been trying to get a Lawyer for my Due Process Case

and it look like I haven't found one yet. But it should not be long before I have a Lawyer in place.

September 13, 2016, You can take trying to get a Lawyer off the table for now. Chicago may have

the most Lawyers in America, And it doesn't make a difference not one will take my case they are

afraid of the VA and U.S. Government. And they are Justified, because on Sept. 22, 2002 I filed

a claim for PTSD and I am still fighting. It is the best in the World is to have a Great God, it is

He that carry's me America I have said many times I am not smart, It is my Father who are in

Heaven that built the whole world in six days He's smart, I don't have to be a Lawyer or a Doctor

to get what the U.S. Constitution guarantees every America. Monday Sept. 12, Yesterday I stood

in front of VA Chicago Region 2122 W. Taylor, Chicago. Protesting with Flag flown upside down

I will be there every day 1:30 to 3:00 pm, The Commander in Chief President Barack Obama are

going to do what is required by the U.S. Constitution. Justice that's what this is about and their

are a long list. America I have said many time No one in the U.S. Government Job are safe, Not

as long I know Disabled Veterans are sleeping in the Streets of America and they don't No why

But I do, Department of Veterans Affairs "Stole" their Constitutional Rights, The right to

Due Process. Two kinds of Justice one for the rich and well connected, None for the poor and

under privigeld.

December 3, 2016 on November 8, 2016 we elected a new President Donald Trump the truth is

I saw this coming I believe Hillary Clinton underestimated D. Trump, A billion dollar bank roll

and a lot of trash talk will put Donald Trump in the White House. Trump may be just what America

needs someone that doesn't no what they are doing, I believe Mr Trump downfall will be "Income Tax" America if the billionaire doesn't pay any income tax, Gust who are paying his tax, We are.

Over all it doesn't matter who is President. But this could be a two or three year set back if I wait

for Trump to be President. This case must be closed now before December 31, 2016, America I am

in way over my head, President Obama maybe the only one in Washington the doesn't know

Crooks are running the Department of Veterans Affairs, After I have tried everything in this world

in pursuit of Justice on December 2, 2016 I went to the Federal Plaza 219 S. Dearborn in Chicago

and burn the American Flag, America I lit the Flag and hell it while the Mayor of Chicago, Alderwoman, Illinois Attorney General, Three United States Senators, Six United States

Congressman/woman five Federal Judges they are the ones burn the American Flag they know of

Constitutional Crimes at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and never raised a finger.

The last thing in this world is not me burning the America Flag, It's agley, but not against the Law

the burning of the symbol come under my First Amendment Rights Freedom of expression google

says "the process of making known one's thoughts or feelings." The United States Supreme Court

1968 rule that " It' Not" against the Law to burn a Flag. America the Situation has become much

serious to burn the Flag I needed help someone to film me I ask two young men and paid them

to help me they were happy to burn the Flag and I felted like a train had ran over me. Two more

that could have got hurt or kill. America I will never quit or give up, because this is not all about

me. What will I try next I don't know, but God will be with me every step I take.

January 21, 2017, I am going to close out 2016 with a recap and comment; Well nothing is bigger

than Electing Donald J. Trump president of the United States. February 2016 the United States

Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit dismissed my Constitutional Complaint for failure to

pay a docking fee, Seventh Circuit made at lease Twelve mistakes they are as clear as water,( one )

with compelling evidence of Constitutional Crimes, the Seventh Circuit had to review the VA

Case Flied after reviewing the Case Flied the U.S. Constitution give the Seventh Circuit many

options one make a Constitutional Ruling and Give a Judgement, I can prove when I Field

Bankruptcy 2011 the Judge looked at my financial statement and saw that I had $ 450.00 left

over after paying my bill and gave me four payment. For that reason the Seventh Circuit dismissed

my Constitutional Complaint. The Federal Circuit oversea all the Circuits .

March 4, 2016 I wrote a Constitutional Complaint #17 to President Barack Obama and I got No

reply. America President Obama's white house used a Constitutional Conspiracy to deny me

my benefits, And President Obama doesn't know it " A secret plan made by the VA and the White

House to do something that is harmful and illegal" Conspiracy. The White House secret plan

assisted the VA in stealing my Constitutional Rights and VA Benefits. Did President Barack Obama

know anything about this Constitutional Crimes most likely not, I love President Obama he will

always be my President. But know one is above the Law, All I asked for is Justice.

May 6, 2016 to September 3, 2016 I all but gave up on trying to get a Lawyer it must be another way to find a Lawyer there are still one way I haven't used thru the Courts.

December 3, 2016 to January 9, 2017 right to the last day I tried everything to get President Obama

to review my VA Case Filed. I needed help badly I walked the floor praying for several days and nights. then it's was the middle of December about six weeks left , Nov. 16, 2016 I wrote to the

President Obama's Special Assistance Mr. David Axelrod again Dec. 6, 2016 I got no reply and

I called his office at Chicago University left a message he didn't return my call. A few years ago

I wrote to U.S. Congressman Danny Davis on Dec 12, 2016 I hand carried a Letters to his office

when I got to his office he was in Washington D.C. while at his office the lady gave me a flyer

for his Christmas party. But America it was February 2003 I went to Congressman Davis's office

I needed a letter of inquiry to Social Security Administration I thought that would keep my name

up front and I would get my hearing , After a few months I called the Soc. Sec. Administration

and asked did you get a letter from Congressman Davis she said no the only letter of inquiry

are from U.S. Senator Richard Durbin. I called Congressman Davis office and spoke to Mrs. Smith

she put me on hold for a minute and came back to the phone and said we call them for you, I said

Mrs. Smith I asked you to write a letter of inquiry she said I called them, I said I needed a letter

a telephone call doesn't work, Then I knew he was a do nothing Congressman. Congressman

Danny Davis office is less than one mile from VA Chicago Region. Four years ago I hand carried

a Constitutional Complaint with compelling Evidence of Constitutional Crime at the VA

Congressman Davis broke the Law, He did nothing that Violated the Oath of Office this is what he

said " I do solemnly swear(or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the

United States. On Dec. 16, 2016 I hand carried a Constitutional Complaint and ask him please

call President Obama ask him to review my VA Case Filed for Violation of my Constitutional

Right. On Dec.16, 2016 while in his office I was given a flyer for his Christmas party on Dec. 22

I went to the party after it was over he was walking out I said thank you for Serving Congressman

Davis, Congressman Davis when can I see you regarding VA Matters for five minutes, He said

call my office Tue or Wed, Christmas was on Sunday, I called his office on Monday Dec. 26 because

it was a holiday only he was in his office I spoke directly to him we talk for a few minutes I ask him to please take a look at my Complaint and he said he would. On Jan 3, 2017 the news said

President Obama was giving a speech in Chicago on Jan. 10, 2017, On Jan. 4, 2017 I hand carried

a letter asking him to call President Obama and ask him to review my VA Case Filed while in

Chicago. American doing nothing, Violated the Oath of Office, Assisted the VA in continuing to

to Steal my Constitutional Rights. On Jan.12, 2017 his Office and asked to speak with Congressman Davis she said Congressman Davis can't speak with you now, I said I need to talk to him regarding

my Constitutional Rights, I said in my letters I ask him to ask President Obama to review my

VA Case Filed, "the Lady said Congressman Davis can't do anything like that" America it was his

Job to support and defend my Constitutional Right. This man has no business in the Office of a

United States Congressman.

Wednesday January 25, 2017, 9:30 AM there is a knock at my door I said who is it the Man said

Homeland Security I open the door two investigators the man said can we talk to you I said yes

and welcome them in it was more like a interview we sit and talked for a half hour, City of Chicago

called them and gave me up, I wrote to the Mayor and the City Council they both know of Constitutional Crimes at the VA, I begged them to ask President Obama to review my VA Case filed

for Violations of my Constitutional Rights. The City told Homeland about me burning the Flag on

Dec. 2, 2017 Homeland ask me why did I burn the Flag, I said it was a smoke signal to President

Obama. I said there are no Law against burning the symbol, the Office said yes we understand that

America the Flag is a symbol, Our First Amendment Freedom of Expression it gives the Citizen a

right to burn the Flag as my Expression, And it's still ugly, But Not as ugly as the United State

government Department of Veterans Affairs Stealing a Citizen Constitutional Right.

April 26, 2017; In January 2017 after President Trump named David Shulin VA Secretary a Crook

this is why he and all VA upper management paid them self millions of dollars and called a bonus.

America in January 2017 my situation was ugly, my cousin said to me why don't you do a New

claim and I did I filed a new claim for PTSD January 2017 my cousin said the process have changed, True I didn't have go to the VA Chicago Region for nothing I called they mail me the

application, I mailed it to VA Processing Center Janesville, Wis. after they process it went to

Veterans Evaluation Service (VES) it's something like Comp & Pen. Now I am waiting for answer

remember first VA decision Due Process is not required, What ever this new claim decision is

I will appeal it. America the new claim decision is base on today 2017, My first VA decision dated

June 23, 2003 I file that claim September 22, 2002. Today after Fifteen of psychiatric, medical

and medications, Whatever is coming at me I am not going to like it. decision should be soon.

June 25, 2017; It's been over a month since my last entry so I will pick it up from May 1, 2017 waiting for a VA decision from the April 26, 2017 Veterans Evaluation Service (VES) well the decision is in, First I want to thank God for every cent I get and I do, What the VA Unjustified

decision dated May 23, 2017, Unjustified because the government agency known as the VA gave

me a VA decision on top of Eleven Unjustified VA decisions, meaning it's not worth the paper it's

written on, the U.S. Constitution says until the VA decision dated April 14, 2005 is "Justified" every

VA decision after it is "Unjustified" What the VA decision dated May 23, 2017 does is give me 40%

for PTSD, I already had 20% for agent orange for a total of 60%. In the June 23, 2003 VA decision

I was diagnosed 100% for PTSD, Stealing 60% of by VA benefits. This doesn't change anything I

will never quit or give up, I will not leave no Veterans behind.

September 8, 2017; last week and again today I get a call from U. S. Congressman Danny Davis

office I was invited to a birthday party on Sunday at his office, Today's call was to invite me to

a meeting at 725 W. Roosevelt Rd. Chicago. America Congressman Davis doesn't understand

if I show up at anything hosted by him could be dangerous, Congressman Davis assisted the VA

in stealing my Constitutional Rights and $ 540,000, all the U. S. Congressman Davis had to do

was ask President Obama to review my VA case filed, The

Constitutional Rights. America maybe Congressman doesn't know what a U.S. Citizen Constitutional Complaint is? This is where Congressman Davis broke the law, Violation of the

"Oat of Office" America it will be the Fourteen words that bring Davis down, This is what he said

" I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States". That what he said, Yet when I gave him a Constitutional Complaint with Compelling Evidence of Constitutional Crimes at the Department of Veterans Affairs, The U.S. Congressman

turn his back. Soon I will tell America the truth Congressman is a crook.

December 20th, 2017, America the time is near, I believe this case as we know it will be over in

Three months. America I believe the U. S. Constitution gives a Citizen the power to do what ever

is necessary to protect the U.S. Constitution, After he has used ever step in chain of command.

America I have been to the top of the mountain, over six hundred letters of Constitutional

Complaints, built a website, filed three lawsuits. The White House used a Conspiracy to assist

the VA in stealing my Constitutional Rights. Three members of the U.S. Senate Turn their backs

didn't raise a finger, Five U.S. Congressman turn there backs, Five Federal Judges used a

Conspiracy to deny me Justice, Fifteen years Twelve Unjustified VA decisions, Unjustified because

the Department of Veterans Affairs never used Due Process. America I believe I have the right to

protect myself and every disabled Veteran in America especially when it comes to stealing our

Constitutional Rights. Today a Law clerk ask me are you think of hurting anyone or your self, I

said I am not going to answer that, Because the answer is yes and no. I will not hurt myself, yes

I am ready to hurting the snakes that Rob disable Veterans. Put my hands around a crook neck

at the VA, the only thing I will think about is disabled Veterans sleeping in cardboard boxes on

the streets in Chicago. America I believe it is wrong to put your hands on another person, But to

Rob a disabled Veteran for bonus money, these are not people but Raving Wolves wearing

sheep's clothing. Choking one of these crooks should land me in front of a Federal Judge, then

we find out if I am Justified.

January 18, 2018; I have a Legal team in place to handle the appeal for the May 23, 2017 VA

decision I appeal the decision on July 17, 2017. The Legal Team filed the papers with the VA

to become my Lawyers. First I want to thank God for the blessing. January 3, 2018 I call the

VA for a update she said my case is still pending and takes about 450 days if that true I have

less than 300 days . Now I have a Lawyer never had one before, this is why these crooks at the VA

had it fixed the old way was when you get a hearing date then you contact a lawyer I spoke to

several Lawyers they all said the same thing when you get a hearing date call us. Because I never

got a hearing date, I never got a Lawyer.

June 20, 2018; six months since my last enter I haven't did anything on the out side because of

the cold weather. I have written a few letters to my lawyers., but now all they can do is wait for

the hearing. In three weeks it 365 days one year, the VA said I would have my hearing not more

than 450 day that should mean I have only three months to go. But less not forget I have been

waiting for a hearing for seventeen years.

October 18, 2018; America after sixteen years, 455 days I now have a hearing date October 23, 18

yes that's Tuesday October 23, 2018 a hearing with the BVA at VA Chicago Region. My Lawyers

will handle this appeal, meaning I don't get to look the crooks in the face. my next enter will be

on Tuesday October 23, 2018.

November 18, 2018, 450 days has came and gone. My Lawyers, George Sink didn't know how

to work VA claims, sixteen years I have waited for a hearing with the Board of Veterans Appeal

on October 23, 2018 my Lawyer George Sink didn't show, and I was told I didn't need to be at

the hearing by my Lawyers. If the Lawyer knew how to set up a telecom with the VA I would not

be writing this today. It was January 2018, I saw a ad with a Lawyer saying he help disabled get

there benefits, and I call him I spoke to a junior Lawyer Name Connor I only spoke to him one or two times, he just signed me up, I gave them the whole Appeal package, and they never read a

word, here is the proof; From January to October 2018 I wrote George Sink Law firm ten times

over and over I went thru the Appeal step by step. Not reading my appeal almost cost me my

whole claim, this is what they did, they decide to ask the VA for a rating increase ( I never ask

the VA or George Sink to get me a rate increase) The appeal dated July 17, 2017 page 4 only eight

line. It says the only VA decision on the table is the June 23, 2003 VA Rating decision and the

VA put it on the table. The VA in making there May 23, 2017 unjustified VA decision they used

Rating decision dated June 23, 2003. I used a Legal move, I said how can the VA used VA decision

dated June 23, 2003, and call this a new claim. I am not sure how much damager was done.

October 27, 2018

After sixteen years waiting for a appeal, It still didn't happen, At the end of September 2018

I get a letter from the VA stating you have a appeal for October 23, 2018 sixteen years it didn't

happen! I said it didn't happen the VA and the Crook got dramatic I gave me something like

a comp & pen report on Oct. 24, 2018 for a increase in my diabetes, none of this had anything

to do with my hearing. America I was never going to get a hearing and I have proof, the letter

from the VA dated Sept. 30, 2018 was a trick, If they was giving me a hearing they would have

sent a letter giving me my Constitutional Rights, It looks like a fake, its a VA trick letter.

November 2018

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December 2018

prays work I ask God to show me another way, after a week go by this little voice in side of me said take it to the people, a few days go by, that little voice got in my head and stayed It was then I knew what I had to do. On Dec. 15, 2018 I sent VA Intake a reply to there letter dated 12/3/2018

March 2019

Once I learn what I had to do early December, I stared planning for a vacation I went to LA for five weeks, but was working on my book and body we are now in my 17th year of being robbed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Taken this to the streets mean I don't have control, if giving up control mean I am going to get my benefits. On march 18, 2019 I get a letter from the VA stating you have an appointment on April 3, 2019 at VA Chicago Region. On march 22, 2019 the Department of Veterans Affairs put in my checking account $ 2,000 and I don't know what its for after a week go by I still haven't got one word from the VA of what this money is for. On Monday April 1, 2019 I needed to know what this money was for before I go to the April 3, 2019 hearing, So on April 1, I called the VA and asked what's the money is for the Lady said the VA made a decision and increase my diabetes agent orange, I said how much, what was the increase she said she couldn't tell me, America I went to what I thought was a hearing, No, No it was not a hearing it was a( officer review) her name was Rhonda Knox VA Office Review and she skipped Due Process Mrs. Knox and I spoke about increase in my PTSD. she leadoff with unemployability I said Mrs. Knox if you read the June 23, 2003 VA rating decision the same Rating decision you used in making the May 23, 2017 VA decision it states: You were diagnose with PTSD with a global assessment scoring 47 representing a serious social and occupational impairment. I said Mrs. Knox unemployability and occupational impairment in this case are same. And we talked about a few other ways that she maybe able to use to get an increase for PTSD. After a half hour go by I said today I do not know what my rating are, America Mrs. Knox acted like she didn't know what my new rating were, For her to review anything she had to know what she was reviewing, I said on march 22, the VA put $2,000 in my account. She said wait for a minute and left the room about five minutes go by she return and gave me a two page VA decision dated April 3, 2019. the VA decision said it all. What did the VA say, it said your combined service-connected evaluation is: 80%.

April 2019

America the VA does everything in secret, Don't let the Veteran know what going on that's a sure way to keep them down. America it appears the VA will give me my 100%, a 100% that's not justified because it to late seventeen years to late. I question Mrs. Knox on Due Process she said that something you have to ask for at the being of the claim. America Mrs. Knox never read the Fifth Amendments Right to Due Process, this is what it says: A first reading of the due process clauses of the Fifth Amendment which prohibit government from taken a person's "life, liberty or property without due process of law, VA appeals form 9 in the middle of the page it ask the Veteran what type of hearing do you want it gives a choice three types (1) Officer Review (2)Traditional hearing and one more. A traditional hearing is the one by the Board of Veterans Appears, America I have never ask for a Officer Review, That's like asking the Crooks to be their own Judge and Jury. America the U.S. Constitution says at a minimum Due Process is required Rhonda Knox VA Office Review it's guaranteed you don't have to ask for (Due Process). Taking disabled Veterans Right to Due Process is like being stabbed in the back when they walk in the door.

May 8, 2019

There are so many things I am going to write about today; after the so call hearing in April 2019 I began to wait for a answer on the hearing, on April 19 2019 the VA sent me a letter dated April 19, 2019 it say; This is an interim reply to your message addressed to President Donald Trump dated February 17, 2017. That tell me the Conspiracy is off in the White House Crooks are not blocking Constitutional Complaint, Nine years someone in the block 23 Constitutional Complaints it will be written their actions cause millions of Disabled Veterans pain and suffering regarding their action. I believe I have someone in the WH that's got the Veterans back. 

April 22, 2019 Just like that the VA Chicago Region gave President Trump and myself a reply to his Letter of Inquiry regarding my Constitutional Rights. Sad, Very sad America the VA used the same Trick that they have used several times. The trick is to make President Trump believe this a reply to his Letter of Inquiry; The VA letter does not have a dated so we will call it April 22, 2019, The Letter say; This is a response to your message address to President Trump dated February 17, 2017 ( what is being Questioned?) you expressed your concerns regarding Constitutional Issues, Specifically, violations of your First and Fifth Amendment right to Due Process. The two page Letter never say another word regarding Due Process. This is the Cover up; (what has been done) On July 17, 2017 we received your Notice of Disagreement with our decision that denied entitlement to PTSD. VA Director Hughes Turner choose to use a "Trick" and Cover up in the face of the President of the United States, And he got a bonus.  The year is now 2020